Mobile Wallet: The Untapped Customer Engagement Marketing Channel

Mobile Wallet Guide

You may have heard of mobile wallet already. And if you have, you probably know it as a tool for making mobile payments or a place for storing your boarding pass. But it’s actually much more than that. Mobile wallet offers a fresh approach to engaging customers with a one-of-a-kind ability to support your loyalty program by delivering coupons, rewards, tickets and other items straight to a smartphone.
Its flexibility and ease of use offer a new level of engagement between brands and customers. And the results can be impressive. One brand using our mobile marketing platform earned $6.5 million in sales from one five-week mobile wallet campaign!
To further highlight the many benefits of using mobile wallet passes, we’ve created a new guide called “The Mobile Wallet Channel: Not Just For Payments Anymore.” In it, you’ll learn how to leverage the full range of capabilities for this powerful marketing tool, and how to amplify your omni-channel strategies, engage your customers, and truly drive measurable results.
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